Another year, another contest (see the first contest here, and the second contest here). This time the rules/restrictions were a little different. The boat was already had a green deck and we were only allowed to add blue accents and arrange the sponsor logos on the boat. One week before the race in Seattle, the boat suffered damage in an accident at the race in the Tri-Cities when the rudder broke off, the propeller broke, and a large hole was torn in the side of the boat. The team worked around the clock for 5 days in order to get the boat ready to race in Seattle. Because of this, not quite all of my design made it on the boat, which was understandable.


The rules/restrictions for the design were as follows;

• The deck of the boat must remain green with blue trim.

• The tail fins must remain black and white checkerboard.

• The cowling must remain primarily white.

• Simple straight-edged color blocks may be used as accents and they must be either blue or green.

• Be creative with logo placement; the Albert Lee logo must be the largest logo.

Contest Entry (Winning design)

Because of the tight restrictions on this contest I only worked on one design and waited several days after it was "finished" before submitting it. I did this so that I could continually make small changes as I saw different elements that I could tweak. Most of the changes were small enough that I don't consider them different drafts. Based on the design from the previous year I knew that Albert Lee liked their large "A" logo. I didn't particularly like that they wanted it in red before so I presented them with a different option in blue so that it would ft better with the overall design.

After winning the contest, Albert Lee wanted to make some tweaks to the arrangement of the logos. They wanted the logos to be, more or less, in the same spot that they were the previous year. Because of the damage that the boat had suffered the week before the race, not all of my design made it on the boat. The blue section on the back was never applied due to time restraints after completing the needed repairs in order to make the boat race ready.

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