This contest was put on by the same team that had the other "Design the Boat" contest in which I won (see that here) but this time they were able to get the contest started early enough to actually apply the design to the boat for the race in Seattle, WA. Because of the tight time-line between the race in Tri-Cities, WA, just one week prior to the Seattle race, there were some rules/restrictions as far as complexity of the design. And since the design needed to be approved by the title sponsor there were a few things that they wanted to see on the boat, so I had a little less freedom but it was fun to work with restrictions and still be able to make something I was proud of.


The rules/restrictions for the design were as follows;

• It will be a vinyl wrap which doesn't cling to complex curves very well so avoid changing the color of the cowling and cockpit.

• Large blocks of color are expensive and difficult to apply so it would be best to avoid that.

• The primary color of the boat must be white.

• The tail fins must remain our black/white checkered pattern

• The Albert Lee logo must be the largest logo and be placed on the sponsons.

• GE, Miele, and Whirlpool must be the next largest logos as they are "second tier" sponsors.

• The boat's number, U-21, must be easily visible from above the boat.

• Albert Lee likes Seahawks colors so use blue and green.

First drafts

The Albert Lee logo has a very distinct "A" that I wanted to use as inspiration in my design so I started with three concepts of how I could incorporate it on the boat. It was difficult limiting the amount of color I used; I had to keep reminding myself that although large blocks of color look good, it was not an option for this design.

Second drafts

After deciding which of my first drafts I liked best and followed to the rules/restrictions for the design I started making some tweaks. Several days went by where I would make small changes here and there, I would show friends and family to get there input as my design evolved and began to look more like a finished product.

Final design (Winning design)

After hours and hours of tweaking, staring, squinting, and decision making I finally had a finished design that I was ready to submit. All the work had paid off and a dream was finally realized as I won the contest and would have my design featured on an unlimited hydroplane at the Seafair race in Seattle.

Since this design was actually going to be featured on the boat, it had to be approved by the title sponsor, Albert Lee. Before they approved it they wanted to see some changes, mainly in the position of the sponsor logos. Some of their changes I thought looked good but others, not so much, like the large red "A" on the canard. But the striping I had created remained unchanged and this is what the final design looked like, along with some photos of the boat in Seattle.

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